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12441 Zhytomyrska obl., Zhytomyrskyy r-n, smt. Novohuyvynske, vul. Vdala, 1

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10002 m. ZHitomir, a/s 33


+38 (067) 4121612
+38 (0412) 467449
+38 (0412) 465848


+38 (0412) 485975

Контактна особа :

Boyko Oleksiy Mikolayovich


Tarasevich YAroslav Anatoliyovich - Direktor


Kovpak Ella Mikolayivna

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Пн: 08.00 - 17.00

Вт: 08.00 - 17.00

Ср: 08.00 - 17.00

Чт: 08.00 - 17.00

Пт: 08.00 - 17.00

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Кількість працівників: 18

Рік заснування: 2014

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Про компанію

Welcome to the company purifying Service!

We invite you to read the equipment Ukrainian manufacturers of quality and reliable winnowing equipment. At our site you can choose and buy
vibrotsentrobizhni types purifying separators 25 50 purifying, purifying 100, as well as spare parts.

Efficient and quick cleaning of grain crops of contaminants, dirt, weeds, separation of grain and seed caliber, vidsortovuye, preparation for planting, storage,
milling and other operations of the economic cycle is guaranteed by means of the proposed equipment for clearing. Our machines are
easy and solid construction, distinguished by reliability and long service life. Production equipment is more than 10 years, so it
meets the necessary standards of quality and reliability.

We know how quickly and accurately tsykp cleaning small or large tonnage of grain, which will provide its high performance and marketability.
Spare parts for equipment is always in stock, delivered quickly in the desired range, without delay production process.

We work according to modern standards of customer service, saving you time and keep a budget, helping to increase the agricultural potential
Ukraine and achieved success for each farm.


Cleaning machines: purifying-25, 50-purifying, purifying 100, Petkus; Conveyors, screw, belt, scraper; Norija NKZ-5-NKZ 10 NKZ-25 NKZ-50 NKZ 100; Elevators kovshovi; Tapes: Paternoster, traveling; Sieves, brushes, buckets, bearings, sprockets,; Manufacturing and installation screws of various sizes.
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